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Issue 2 - 7/12/2001

Janene's Moving On, and She'll Be Missed
A woman who has helped solve computer problems for nearly everybody in Butrovich is on her way to Colorado where her husband has a new job and she will ponder pursuing a Ph.D., do some part-time work creating web sites, and even think about motherhood.
V. Janene Sikkink
Water, Water, Water, Water Everywhere
Mike Bates, director of ITís User Services, is drinking lots of water these days as part of a new diet regimen. Welcoming him to HRís water group, Vickie Gilligan and Carolyn Weaver, assisted by a few others, surprised him in great fashion.
Mike Bates surrounded by colored water bottles.
Tearing Down to Build Up
The Butrovich Building will be transformed in some areas next week with demolition work that needs to be done before new construction can begin. Weíre still looking at completion in mid-September, and On the Move will keep you posted.
Barbara Branton is working hard to pack up the office for a temporary move to the first floor.
Thanks, Computer Folks
Kudos to the Computer people who helped make all the new connections:
Ricky Kingís shop and his staff: James Elieff, Anthony Shaw, and Michael Simmons.
Mike Braseís Network Control staff: Laura Letuligasenoa, Earl Voorhis, and Collin Lichtenberger.
And, of course, the Help Desk folks: Martin Miller, Lana Grimes, Matthew Miranda, and Lori Fields.
Ricky King, Manager, Micro-LAN Support
Good Friends Make A Difference for Buddy
Buddyís a lucky dog. After getting hit by a car in Big Delta on May 30, he lay by the roadside, badly hurt, for two days until he was rescued by UA employee Gary Hagestead.
Buddy the lucky dog.
Four Years & Seven Different Spaces
Change happens. Since joining statewide Iíve worked out of four cubicles and one office. Add the two cubicles I lived in when working for ARSC and that brings my total to 7 spaces in four years.
Plants and computers arenít the only ones moving. So is Janene Sikkink.
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