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Issue 10 - 10/10/2001

Carol Gold Brings A Faculty Perspective to Statewide
Academic Liaison
Dr. Carol Gold's career with the University of Alaska began in 1979 when she was a visiting assistant professor of history at UAA in Anchorage. The following year she moved to Fairbanks and joined the History Department of UAF, and in 1998 she became head of the department.
Carol Gold
UA On Track with Internet Video Conferencing
The rapidly evolving world of video conferencing was displayed dramatically last week when the University of Alaska participated with universities and organizations around the world in MegaConference III.
Statewide takes part in the video conference from the Sherman Carter Conference Room.
Buddy's Doing Just Fine
Buddy's doing just fine, and his left rear leg has recovered enough for him to stand on it, and get around well. Because of severe nerve damage in the foot, he wears a bootie to protect it.
Buddy standing with his rear foot still bandaged.
Orientation Sessions Will Explain New Career Planning Program
Orientation sessions have been scheduled this month to familiarize university employees with the Professional Development Career Planning Program that has been developed by Human Resources.
Melissa Hill recently coming to Statewide from the UAF Alaska Teacher Placement Program, has accepted the Staff Development Coordinator position in the Statewide Office of Human Resources.
Melissa Hill
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