Joint Health Care Committee

JHCC Meeting Dates


February 28, 2014  10 am - 4 pm

Board of Regents Conference Room (109) - Butrovich Building

Fairbanks, AK

Health Care Task Force Report

The Health Care Task Force met over the summer 2012 and issued their final report in September. The final report may be accessed here.

Mission Statement

(Approved by committee on 12/15/2006)

The Joint Health Care Committee combines the creative energies of Unions and Management to explore and develop an in-depth understanding of the University health plan and employee health issues. It makes informed recommendations to the Unions and Management that contribute to improving the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the health plan and to improving the lives of University employees and all plan participants.

Heath Care Accounting

Here is the health plan accounting information used by the University and the JHCC to set rates for the UA Choice health plans.

Health Care Vendor Summit February 2012

Collective Bargaining Agreements

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